ICE Great Debate - has health and safety in the UK gone too far?

6th March 2018

The Institution of Civil Engineering H&S Group, chaired by our HSE Manager Wendy Armstrong were asked to facilitate "The Great Debate" at the Ulster Museum last night on behalf of the ICE (NI) Regional Committee.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel (AKA Charlie Hutchison) and Jeremy Clarkson (AKA Andrew Cooke) were supporting the Motion, with Laird Hamilton (Nick Fletcher) and Stigette (Jill Given) opposing the Motion. The Great Debate was chaired by Wendy who introduced each of the speakers, led the Q&A session and then announced the result of the interactive vote taken at the end of the debate by all in attendance. So did the house believe that health and safety in the UK had went too far? The outcome was won by No 55% to Yes 45%.

Photograph left to right: Nick Fletcher (Laird Hamilton), Jill Given (Stigette), Philip Brown (Chair of the ICE Regional Committee), Charlie Hutchison (Isambard Kingdom Brunel), Andrew Cooke (Jeremy Clarkson) and Wendy Armstrong (Chair of ICE H&S Group)