Thousands of homes improved by our Planned Maintenance Framework team

13th January 2017

Since starting work on the 4 year Planned Schemes Framework for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive in May 2014, our team have made significant improvements to the living standards of thousands of households across the north east region. In this period our team, headed by Framework Project Manager Ryan McErlean, have replaced kitchens in 1900 dwellings, completed external maintenance upgrades to 3900 homes and have completed fire and safety upgrades to nearly 1200 dwellings.
Ryan and his team of Contracts Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Tenant Liaison Officers co-ordinate and manage 12 Site Managers and over 80 site personnel and subcontractors whilst they carry out improvement works on up to 400 dwellings across Northern Ireland at one time. Our team, who also manage our 2 year NIHE Double Glazing Framework contract, are proud to make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of families across Northern Ireland.